Starter Motors

You get in the car and turn the key and…. nothing. They dash lights have come on, the radios working, but all you can hear is a clicking sound. Chances are your Starter Motor has failed.

Even worse, you might head a grinding sound, which could be a Stater Motor on its last legs. Unfortunately either of these problems usually result in a tow truck ride to your local mechanic.

Unlike your engine, your Starter Motor runs on electricity from your Battery. For its size it is a powerful little unit, able to crank the engine until it starts and runs of its own accord. Stater Motors usually built tough, and are normally rated to last between 60,000 and 70,000 starts. But a large number of factors can influence how hard a Stater Motor has to work, something as simple as cold weather can mean they work 4x harder than normal.

Signs of Stater Motor Failure

Fortunately, there are detectable signs that a Stater Motor is going to fail:

A grinding noise

As the gears inside the Stater Motor begin to wear down, you will often hear a grinding noise before failure. If your Stater Motor is making an unusual sound when you start your car, it’s time to make an appointment with an Auto Electrician.


When the gears inside a Starter Motor have worn down completely, they may no longer have the teeth required to turn the engine over. When this happens, the Stater Motor will just spin when you turn the key. Unfortunatly a Starter Motor in this state usually cannot be repaired, and needs to be replaced.


If you see smoke or smell burning while starting your car, there is a serious electrical problem, and you need to take your car to an Auto Electrician as soon as possible.


A solenoid connects the battery to your Stater Motor when you turn the key, and also connects the Starter Motor to the engine. If your solenoid has failed, chances are it can be replaced.

Repair and Replacement

Complete Automotive Solutions are specialists at diagnosing Stater Motor problems, and offering either repair or replacement options depending on the problem. If you have a problem with your Starter Motor, bring your car to our workshop for a free quote.

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