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There is nothing like driving a new vehicle.  The smell of the interior, the performance of a new machine.  Of course, as a new vehicle owner, you want regular servicing as per the manufacturers specifications, and the “capped price” offering from your dealer sounds great… until you see the price.  Did you know some dealerships make more money from servicing than they do selling cars?

Even worse, some new vehicle customers are told by their dealer that they “have to” bring the car back to their dealership, or their chain of dealerships, “for the warranty.”  This is simply not true.  As stated by Consumer Affairs Victoria on their web page Warranties on New Cars:

“…scheduled services can be done by qualified independent mechanics without affecting the warranty, provided:

  • the work is done according to its conditions (manufacturer’s specifications), and
  • genuine parts and lubricants are used.”

Complete Automotive Solutions is fully qualified to provide you with a Logbook Scheduled Service of your new vehicle, and will only use genuine parts and lubricants as specified by the vehicles manufacturer.



  • We will consult with our information systems to determine and document the parts, lubricants and inspection elements required by the manufacturer for the required service
  • Naturally, we will replace your oil with the manufacturers specified oil, while collecting expired oil and sending it for environmentally friendly recycling
  • We will also replace your oil filter with the manufacturers specified oil filter, and your expired filter will also be sent for recycling
  • Your air filter will be replaced or cleaned, as specified by the manufacturer
  • Should your service interval call for fluid changes, such as coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid or other lubricants, these tasks will be completed
  • Your vehicle will be inspected using the manufacturers inspection report
  • Should your manufacturers inspection report not cover any aspect we normally inspect, an additional inspection report will be created
  • Should any item of concern come to our attention during inspection, we will contact you and advise your of your options
  • Your vehicle will be road tested to ensure smooth running

 Your safety is our number 1 priority.

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