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Bought new or second hand, with six figures on the odometer or just a few, to keep your car running well it needs regular servicing. With regular lubricant changes and inspections for worn parts, problems can be prevented before they leave you broken down on the side of the road.

Cars love an oil change. Not only is it an opportunity to replace vital lubricants, it gives the mechanic the ability to assess wear and tear, tighten wires and bolts, check your tyres and most importantly ensure your vehicles safety systems are operating as expected.

As an added advantage of having your car serviced by an Auto Electrician, wiring and electrical issues that are difficult for a regular mechanic to detect can be identified.

At Complete Automotive Solutions, we can tailor a Car Service to your individual vehicles situation.



  • We will consult with our information systems to determine and document the parts, lubricants and inspection elements required by the manufacturer for the required service interval, major or minor.
  • Naturally, we will replace your oil with Premium Quality oil that meets or exceeds your manufacturers specifications, while collecting expired oil and sending it for environmentally friendly recycling
  • We will also replace your oil filter with a Premium Quality, trusted and reliable oil filter, and your expired filter will also be sent for recycling
  • Your air filter will be replaced or cleaned, depending on its type and condition
  • Should your service interval call for fluid changes, such as coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid or other lubricants, these tasks will be completed
  • Your vehicles electrical systems will be thoroughly assessed
  • A vehicle inspection report will be created to identify any issues cased by wear and tear, with special care taken to understand the expected lifetime of your vehicles critical components
  • Should any item of concern come to our attention during inspection, we will contact you and advise your of your options
  • Your vehicle will be road tested to ensure smooth running

Your safety is our number 1 priority

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