LCD Reversing Mirrors & Cameras

Retrofitting an LCD display into a cars centre console is possible, however it is a time consuming and expensive process.  A great alternative is to install an LCD mirror, which places a bright LCD display behind the normal mirror glass.  When activated, the LCD display can be easily seen, and when deactivated, the mirror operates as usual.

While there are many options for content, including GPS navigation, weather reports and a message display for your phone, one of the most popular applications is a reversing camera.  A small camera can be discreetly installed on your boot lid or rear bumper bar, which is then wired back through the cars body to the LCD mirror.  The system is connected to the cars reversing light power circuit, so when the car is placed in reverse the system automatically activates, and likewise when placed in drive or another gear, the system automatically shuts off.

Reversing cameras save lives.

By allowing the driver to see the blind space behind the car, tragic accidents involving small children and animals can be avoided, as they will clearly appear in the LCD mirror.  In February 2016, the US government mandated that all new cars must be fitted with reversing cameras by 2018.  In the US, around 210 people die each year after being reversed over by a motor vehicle, around one quarter of which are children.

Fully Installed Kits Starting at $495

Complete Automotive Solutions is able to supply and fit a quality ParkSafe LCD Mirror and Reversing Camera for as little as $495.  More advanced options are available, including full screen LCD’s, integrated Bluetooth and GPS navigation and even digital video recording systems.  We are happy to work with you to supply and install a system that meets your needs.

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