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LCD Reversing Mirrors & Cameras

Retrofitting an LCD display into a cars centre console is possible, however it is a time consuming and expensive process.  A great alternative is to install an LCD mirror, which places a bright LCD display behind the normal mirror glass.  When activated, the LCD display can be easily seen, and when deactivated, the mirror operates as usual.

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Brake Controllers

When towing a trailer, caravan or boat, brakes play an important role in helping the vehicle come to safe stop.  A Trailer Brake Controller is an electrical device, usually mounted on the dashboard, that engages a trailers brakes in either a time delayed or proportional manner to the towing vehicles brakes when slowing or stopping.  With many options on the market, which solution is right for you?

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At the core of your cars electrical system is your Battery.  Your Battery is responsible for powering your Stater Motor to get your car up and running, but also powers your electrical devices such as your Car Radio, Car Alarm, Headlights, Interior Lights, Central Locking, Dashcam and your Central Locking.  A Car Battery has a service life of between 2 and 5 years, and most car owners will need a battery replacement over the life of the vehicle.  Did you know there are differences between the various Car Batteries available?

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Starter Motors

You get in the car and turn the key and.... nothing.  They dash lights have come on, the radios working, but all you can hear is a clicking sound.  Chances are your Starter Motor has failed.

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Your alternator is the electrical power plant of your car.  It is connected to your engine, and it generates electricity which charges your battery.

Every time you start your car, your battery needs to use a substantial amount of charge to turn the engine over and get your car going.  Did you know it can take between 12 and 13 minutes of freeway driving for your alternator to replenish your battery after you start you car?

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